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Sorrentino Law

Whether good or bad, life can throw surprises your way at any turn. Having a strong lawyer guiding you through life’s big changes can affect the outcome of your case and ultimately your life. Whether you need an expert in family law or criminal law, Andrew Sorrentino will give you personal attention and expert legal advice to secure the best possible outcome for you.

Adoption Law

While the adoption process involves many steps to work through and details to consider, having an adoption lawyer working with you will allow you to focus on the joy of building your family.

Divorce Law

From custody battles to division of assets, a divorce can be emotionally and financially trying. Having the best divorce lawyer looking out for your interests is crucial to maintaining peace of mind.


Choosing the best DUI attorney for you can make all the difference. Andrew Sorrentino is experienced in DUI cases and is personally invested in helping you obtain the best possible outcome.

Criminal Defense

Whether you have been indicted for a misdemeanor or a felony, Andrew Sorrentino will work with you as your criminal defense lawyer every step of the way to represent you through the criminal law process.

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