Legal Guardian for Adults with Disabilities

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Legal Guardian for Adults with Disabilities

Whether by birth or due to an event later in life, some adults end up with physical or mental restrictions on their ability to communicate, or otherwise advocate for and take care of themselves. When that happens, they may have to rely on other adults to become their guardians to act within their best legal interests.

Legal Guardian for Adults with Disabilities

What is a legal guardian’s job?

The legal guardian’s job is to make sure their ward has as high a quality of life and as much independence as possible. A guardian works in the best interests of their ward and does for the ward what they may not be able, for whatever reason, to do for themselves at the time of guardianship. This may include:

  • Making financial decisions
  • Making medical decisions
  • Ensuring their home is maintained
  • Making sure they receive care

What if I’m legal guardian to a ward who has children?

Should you become legal guardian to an adult with children, your ward’s children do not automatically legally become your responsibility. If your ward has children with a person who is still alive, their children’s custody and guardianship will go to their parent, unless the parent is deemed unfit to have the child; then they’ll go somewhere else. You can still petition for guardianship of their child or children.

Who can help me become a legal guardian?

The road to legal guardianship can be a long process. Contact the Law Office of Andrew Sorrentino for help.